What to Look For in the Best Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

The best anti wrinkle eye cream is a product that makes your eyes look younger as well as removing wrinkles. If you can get a multipurpose cream that not only deals with wrinkles but can also help with puffiness and dark under eye circles then you have found a winner.

Finding the best eye cream is tricky as skin care products are not regulated by the FDA so you may see a claim on a box but have no way of knowing if it is true or not. In actuality there has been very little correct scientific experiments done on the results of using different eye creams.

To stop any additional damage to the fragile skin around your eyes you want to avoid excessive cleaning as this causes dryness and sensitivity, avoid UV-rays at all costs and this includes tanning beds, hot water can also damage skin so don’t stay in the shower too long, do not pile on the makeup as this causes skin irritation and try not to frown or squint as this will create crow’s feet.

There are a few ingredients you should look for in eye creams as they have been found to affect the skin around the eyes. Peptides will promote the growth of elastin and collagen, two fibers that keep your skin firm and stop wrinkles from forming. Peptides are proven to be important for healing wounds but less research has been done as a component of skin care.

Antioxidants are also thought to be beneficial as they will bind to the free radicals in your system. Free radicals cause a lot of skin damage and the levels increase as you age. Products with green tea, vitamin E or vitamin C have lots of antioxidants.

The compound manganese gluconate has been found to relax the muscles around your eyes which in turn smooth out wrinkles. A popular anti wrinkle compound is retinol. However retinol makes skin sensitive to sun so sunscreen is necessary.